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Bristol's Social Phobia Self-help/Support Group

If you suffer with Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Disorder or Shyness and are looking for a support group in Bristol, Bath or the West then you have found the right website. Our groups support people with social anxiety by providing social opportunities and self-help information. Whether you want to make new friends, get help with reducing anxiety, be more socially active, increase confidence or just gain a little emotional support, then our group can help.

You are not alone

Research suggests that Social Phobia is the most common anxiety disorder, so you are definitely not alone. Many of our members find it really beneficial to meet a group of others who are going through similar challenges. If you feel suck and hopeless about overcoming your social anxiety then it can be really helpful to see that others, in the same situation as you, have managed to make progress and create an enjoyable social life. A social anxiety support group offers a lot of other benefits too so why not give one a try.

I am so lonely I sounded so stupid
All I need is a friend I can't show the real me
I feel embarrassed and blush Why is it only me?
My mind keeps racing
I don't know what to say
No one likes me Why do I sweat so much?
I can't stop shaking and trembling
People might see I'm anxious
My heart is pounding I'm not good enough
I feel acutely self-conscious all the time
It feels like everyone is laughing at me
Why can't I speak? They think I'm boring
I need to appear more confident
I feel so tense and awkward I want to hide or run away
They must have thought I was an idiot

If this describes your thoughts then you may be suffering with social anxiety

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Women only sessions will run as usual

Thursday 9th Feb 2014
Due to the generousity of our volunteers and members, the previously cancelled women only groups sessions will run as normal.

North Bristol (Sunday) Group Closing

Tuesday 23rd July 2013
Our North Bristol (Sunday) group will close at the end of August 2013. There will be no sessions on a Sunday after August, although our other groups will continue to run as normal. Group members are encouraged to make best use of the group while it is still active and to get in touch with us if they have concerns about how this change will affect them.

2013 Session Schedule Available

Tuesday 1st January 2013
The 2013 session schedule is now available. Please click here to find out what is happening and when. Our North Bristol group will now be running every Sunday again. An updated leaflet can be obtained from our downloads page.

Thursday Group Open

Sunday 11th November 2012
Our Thursday group is now open again to new members. All of our other groups are also open to new members.

Before attending a session

Wednesday 14th September 2011
If you are new to the groups then note that we run different types of sessions on different weeks. We usually recommend new members start with a New Member's Session or a Topic Session although you can start with any session you feel comfortable with. View the Session Schedule.

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