Go to socialanxietybristol.org.uk for the new support group

If in distress & need immediate support please call the Bristol
NHS Crisis Team 0300 555 0334 or Samaritans 08457 90 90 90

Please be aware that we stopped running
support group sessions at the end of 2014

A new support group has formed with a similar format to replace the service. Click the green link below to go to their website. Alternatively, if your GP surgery is registered in the Bristol then you may wish to call Bristol Wellbeing Therapies (formerly LIFT Psychology) on 0117 982 3209 to see if you can access free NHS therapy and support options.

Go to socialanxietybristol.org.uk for the new support group

See if you can find another support group near you: Try the SA-UK Groups Forum, Social Anxiety Groups or Shyness and Social Anxiety Meetup.

I am so lonely I sounded so stupid
All I need is a friend I can't show the real me
I feel embarrassed and blush Why is it only me?
My mind keeps racing
I don't know what to say
No one likes me Why do I sweat so much?
I can't stop shaking and trembling
People might see I'm anxious
My heart is pounding I'm not good enough
I feel acutely self-conscious all the time
It feels like everyone is laughing at me
Why can't I speak? They think I'm boring
I need to appear more confident
I feel so tense and awkward I want to hide or run away
They must have thought I was an idiot

If these are your thoughts then you may be experiencing social anxiety

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New Support Group Opening

Saturday 7th May 2016
Since SA West closed members of the group have been working to form a committee and start a new group which is now in a position to accept new members. A first new members session will run on Thursday 9th June 2016. Please see socialanxietybristol.org.uk for up-to-date information on this group before attending a session. Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to keep support for people with social anxiety in Bristol.

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