We are no longer taking donations

Donation collection box


Any personal or financial details that you disclose while making a donation will be kept strictly confidential and will only be made available to select committee members for administration purposes.

What we spend it on

  • Rent: Our biggest cost is rent. We try to find the most cost effective venues possible, but we also have to make sure our venues are suitable for, and accessible to, our members. We need to make sure our venues have good transport links and are in central locations.
  • Website: We keep costs down by designing and updating our own website, but we still have to pay costs for the domain names and web hosting. Most of our members find out about our group through our website, so it is important that we keep it reliable and professional.
  • Printing: There is nothing fancy about our leaflets or the information we give our members. We like to focus on content, but printing hundreds of leaflets, supplying useful handouts to members, unavoidable paperwork for meetings and general administration all adds up.
  • Expenses: Most of our committee members and volunteers do not claim expenses, but not all of them can afford to be this generous. Our volunteers and committee members are important to us and it is vital they can keep contributing to the group. If we do not have enough money to pay their basic expenses such as travel costs then they may not be able to carry on giving their time.
  • Sundries: Occasionally we have to buy equipment such as flip chart paper or have extra costs such as in the case of if we have to temporarily move to another venue. We need to make sure we have a sufficient buffer of funds to pay for these sometimes unexpected costs.