If you are distributing our leaflets then please regularly download them from here as they will change from time to time as our organisation develops and expands.

Our Leaflet

Removed: We are no longer running sessions.

Full Group Rules
Updated: June 2013

We ask our members to read and follow these group rules during all our sessions. These must be adhered to and help provide a safe and supportive environment.

download Download Full Group Rules (Acrobat PDF Document)

Member Participation Guidelines
Added: 11th February 2010

In addition to the rules we ask our members to be aware of the following guidelines. This will help make session time more productive and help you avoid any unnecessary embarrassment.

download Download Member Participation Guidelines (Acrobat PDF Document)

How to Get The Most Out of The Groups
Added: 23rd May 2010

This document offers some tips on how to use the social anxiety groups to help you with building up your confidence.

download Download How to Get The Most Out of The Groups (Acrobat PDF Document)

Information on Social Anxiety
Added: 12th February 2010

If you would like to learn more about social anxiety or give information to a friend, family member, carer or health care professional then the following document will likely prove useful.

download Download Information on Social Anxiety (Acrobat PDF Document)

Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Service Guide
Updated: 2nd June 2010

This document is a guide to the new goverment funded psychological therapies services that are part of an initiative called 'Improving Access to Psychological Therapies' (IAPT). It explains how to use and access your local service so you can possible recieve cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

download Download the IAPT Service Guide (Acrobat PDF Document)

Bristol Groups and Helplines List
Updated: 16th January 2014

This document contains a list of contact details of mental health groups in the Bristol area and a list of helplines that may be helpful to people experiencing social anxiety. You are free to print and distribute this document.

download Download Bristol Groups and Helplines List (Acrobat PDF Document)

Recommended Reading List
Added: 15th May 2010

This document contains a list of books that people with social anxiety will likely find helpful. Although there are many good books on social anxiety, these are the ones we recommend reading first.

download Download the Recommended Reading List (Acrobat PDF Document)

No Progress Checklist
Updated: 24th August 2010

If you feel that you are not making any progress with overcoming your social anxiety then this 'No Progress Checklist' offers some suggestions.

download Download the No Progress Checklist (Acrobat PDF Document)

Session Planning Survey 2012
Added: 12th Mar 2012

We conducted a survey to find out which sessions our members wanted in 2012 to help with scheduling. A summary of the results can be found below.

download Download Session Planning Survey 2012 (Acrobat PDF Document)

Socials Survey Report
Added: 17th July 2010

To help us find ways to make our monthly socials more accessible to group members we conducted a survey to identify the barriers people face. Below you can download the report of the results.

download Download Socials Survey Report (Acrobat PDF Document)

Feedback Survey Results
Added: 19th November 2009

As part of our commitment to providing a professional and helpful services to our members we regularly review our performance. Below you can download the results from our most recent feedback surveys.

download Download October 2009 Results (Acrobat PDF Document)

Social Anxiety West Constitution
Updated: 8th February 2010

Our constitution sets out our aims and objectives, and how the group is run.

download Download SAW Constitution (Acrobat PDF Document)

Topic Question Sheets
Updated: 29 September 2009

These sheets of questions are used in our Topic Sessions to prompt our members thinking around the chosen topic. You may wish to download the relevant sheet to prepare for a session. If you co-ordinate your own social anxiety group, then you are free to download and print these sheets for your own group discussions.

download Appearance Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Assertiveness Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Christmas and New Years Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Confidence Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Conversation Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Education Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Employment Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Family Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Friendship Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Loneliness Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Negativity Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Openness and Honesty Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Overcoming Social Anxiety Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Perfectionism Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Physical Symptoms Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Related Disorders Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Relationships Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Safety Behaviours Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Self-esteem Questions (Acrobat PDF Document) - New in 2014
download The Future Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download The Past Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Treatments Questions (Acrobat PDF Document)

Goal Setting Sheets
Updated: 11 September 2011

These sheets are used in our goal setting sessions. You are welcome to use them to set or review your own goals outside of the sessions.

download Download Goal Setting Sheet (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Download Goal Setting Example Sheet (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Download Goal Review Sheet (Acrobat PDF Document)

Volunteer Expenses
Added: 16 July 2010

These are the Social Anxiety West expenses form and instructions to be used by volunteers and committee members.

download Download SAW Expenses Claim Form (Acrobat PDF Document)
download Download SAW Expenses Claim Form (MS Word Document)
download Download SAW Expenses Instructions (Acrobat PDF Document)

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