Independent Living

This is a new section to the website and we hope to add to it in the future. It contains information to help people with social anxiety learn how to live more independently.

When you have social anxiety it is difficult to ask other people or get them to teach you how to do things, so we are providing some information to help. Many people with social anxiety end up living with parents or other family members and become dependent on them. We hope this information will help you start to feel more confident about taking steps to become more indpendent.

This information is designed for a range of people, including those who are just starting out and have no experience or knowledge. It therefore includes some very basic information that many people already know or take for granted but that will be really helpful for those who are starting from the begining. Please keep this in mind when reading these guides. We hope you find them useful and interesting.

Please use the links on the right to navigate this section.